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Carry On

  It's been a while since I've hit the publish button. And that's okay.  But I feel like I have some things to say, and so here I am, writing a few lines- preparing to hit the publish button this time.  I haven't really talked about my mental health lately. But being open about it really is a healing thing. When I'm open with others, it literally opens my heart to the encouragement and support provided afterwards. Sure, some judge, but that is more rare. Sharing is worth the risk. Vulnerability is too.  I'm filled with overwhelming emotion, being reunited with my children. We've been mostly separated since February 2020 due to two factors: my mental health and the sale of our house in Lexington. Jed (my ex) and the children moved to San Antonio in February to have the help and support of his family, and I stayed behind to continue working with my psychiatrist to find the right medicine while prepping the house to be placed on the market. The goal was to mo

Effort in a Different Direction

"Nothing ever comes to me, that is worth having, except as a result of hard work." 

-Booker T. Washington

If you're unfamiliar with the life and work of "Booker," please read this. 

I could never claim to know what "hard work" means. 

I don't dig trenches. I don't carry massive buckets of water to my community every day. I don't harvest in rice fields.

I don't caretake the mentally ill. I don't talk down the emotionally distressed. I don't nurse the sick or wounded.

I don't watch over dozens of children on a playground every single day. I don't put my life in danger to keep the community safe. I don't lift the elderly out of their beds every morning. I don't bend over and strain my back for hours on end to do hair, clean nails, or massage muscle and skin.

I don't do this kind of hard work. Not in that way. I honor those that do these essential tasks, and many of them do this with a smile on their face!

That leaves me to wonder what work do I do? What value do I add to my community?

How do I contribute?

This. This is how I contribute.

I read. I write. I learn.

I teach. I advise. I mentor.

I uplift. I encourage. I lead.

I research. I experiment. I find.

I guide. I cheerlead. I empathize.

I digest. I analyze. I adjust.

I strategize. I observe. I gather.

I report. I organize. I celebrate.

I share. I shout.

I consult. 

I strive for progress for myself and all those around me.

I strive not for perfection, not for "better,"

but for different, creative, efficient, productive, smarter, and joyful.

I contribute by pointing a person's hard work in a different direction.

Creative direction.

Efficient direction.

Productive direction.

Smarter direction.

Joyful direction. 

But for what result? What purpose? What am I trying to achieve?

Connection to the community.

My entire goal, mission, essential pillar, whatever you want to call it,

Guide a person's hard work to:

1) benefit the community
2) be welcomed by the community
3) be celebrated by the community
4) be supported by the community

Because of the internet, your community is not constrained to just local anymore.

Community is also in the palm of your hand.

The world is now your stage.

Those that know how to navigate this world wide web are the ones that are slowly shaping human mindset around the globe. 

Marketing is no longer a 1920's newspaper/magazine catch phrase.

Marketing is now massive mind manipulation, leading individuals, and entire communities to action.

To vote.
To buy.
To serve.
To volunteer.
To sign-up.
To support.
To read.
To try.

And to what direction? To what purpose? 

To vote for what?
To buy what?
To serve what?
To volunteer for what?
To sign-up for what?
To support what?
To read what?
To try what?

Every compelling marketing message makes the promise of:

more effective

The advertisement claims that their product/service will make a person's life better, more comfortable, happier, and so on.

The hard work that fulfills that promise is the one that lasts and grows because it's nourished by its community.

Anyone can "say" they are great. 
The ones that DO great find success, support, and community.

In a world wide web bombarded by marketing and false promises, the sayers no longer stand out.

It's now the Doers that hold the world stage.